I am Kevin Krautle and I am a Information Technology Engineer that helps support people in getting their needs met by technology.

My passion is breaking down the technical barriers in communication. Focusing on how people work in a distributed environment and how people stay connected with each other and the tasks they work. This includes using the right technology for the right jobs, like video conferencing, Skype4B, good documentation tools, business process, and other things with the goal of making these tools feel organic to enable collaboration.

I appreciate the big picture of how technology can enrich our lives, and how it can be used to tell wonderful stories. To also making sure that the dam stupid useless dialog box never pops up, and just works in a straightforward, easy to use manner.

On the side I am a technical producer for Asymco, our conference called Asymconf, and workshop called Airshow, which uses a data driven approach to look at technology today.

-Kevin Krautle



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