Zoom – Client Update – January 2019 Release

Today Zoom released a new version of their Windows/Mac Desktop Client which includes the wonderful new user interface.

Users will be seeing the automatic update pop up with at least version: 4.3.53468.0121

Direct Download Links:

This client also has baked in a number of great features which includes:

Release Notes: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201361963-New-Updates-for-Mac-OS

Changes to Existing Features

  • Updated Zoom Client
    The client is now more modern, sleek, and frictionless. New Chat features include channels, personal channel, starred messages, and contacts.
  • Chat Groups Renamed Channels
    Chat groups have been renamed channels.

Meeting/Webinar Features

  • 1080p Support for Video Sharing
    Full High Definition video, 1080p, can now be sent and received.This feature is limited availability. For business plan customers who would like to be considered for this feature, please contact Zoom Support.

Soaklabs Note: More on this in another blogpost. But the short news is you can do 1080p30 for both video and content!

  • Audio Watermark
    If an attendee records the meeting, their personal information can now be embedded in the audio as an inaudible watermark. This option requires enabling “Only signed-in users can join the meeting” or “Only signed-in users with specified domains can join meetings”. You activate the feature on a scheduled per meeting basis. This is only if the Audio Watermark feature is not ‘locked on’ at the account settings level.
  • Screen Sharing Enhancements
    • Ability to Stop a Participant’s Share
      The host can now stop a participant’s screen share by going to the Participant List and selecting More next to the sharing participant’s name.
    • Improvements for Direct Share
      While direct sharing to a Zoom Room, the green screen share indicator bar will now automatically hide when the mouse is not moving and reappear when the mouse moves.
  • Annotation Enhancements
    • Indicator that a Participant is Annotating
      The host can now identify which participants are annotating by viewing the participants list. The participants who are annotating will have an indicator in the color they are using to annotate.
    • Support for Multiple Pages on Whiteboard
      Hosts can now enable multiple pages for whiteboard. If enabled, they can create new pages, close pages, and navigate between multiple pages.
    • Enhanced Annotation Tools
  • Allow Removed Participants to Rejoin
    Hosts can now allow meeting participants and webinar panelists to rejoin after they have been removed. This feature needs to be enabled on the web under Meeting, Group, or Account Settings.
  • Improvements to the Raise Hand Feature
    The raise hand feature will now prompt users to link their audio if necessary to make it easier to speak in the meeting.
  • Support for Scheduling a Meeting or Webinar as Public
    Hosts can now schedule a meeting as public through the Zoom client to share it on the calendar of public events.
  • Virtual Background without a Green Screen
    Users can now use virtual background without a physical green screen. This feature requires an i7 or higher processor.
  • Improvements for Searching the Participants List
    Users can now search the participants list with a partial string, instead of needing to enter the participant’s full name to search.
  • Keypad for H.323 Calls
    Users who dial out to an H.323 device will now have a keypad available for the duration of the call to enter DTMF tones for the H.323 device.
  • Additional Mass Configuration Option
    When installing and configuring Zoom through MSI or group policy on Windows, or with a pre-configured plist file on a Mac, the IT admin can now enable the option EnableMirrorEffect to mirror the shared video

Meeting Features

  • Warning When Scheduling a Meeting Longer than 40 minutes
    Basic users will now be warned if they schedule a meeting longer than 40 minutes through the Zoom client or mobile app.
  • Breakout Room Enhancements
    • Set a Timer for Breakout Rooms
      Hosts can now set a timer for breakout rooms. Once the configured time has passed, the breakout rooms will automatically close and users will be returned to the main session. Hosts can also choose to be notified when the time ends.
    • Ability to Force Participants into Breakout Rooms
      The hosts can now force participants to join the breakout rooms from the main session.
    • Ability to Disable Returning to the Main Session
      The host can now prevent participants from returning to the main session from the breakout room. They will return to the main session when the host closes the breakout rooms manually or the set time expires.
  • Multiple Screen Support for Remote Support Sessions
    When the host requests control of another participant’s screen via Remote Support Session, they can now select which screen they would like to control if the participant is using multiple screens.

Chat Features

  • Personal Space for Note Taking
    Write messages to yourself to take notes and save links within the Zoom chat window.
  • Star Individual Messages
    Star individual messages, making them easily accessible to revisit them later.
    -Star Contacts and Chat Channels

General Features

  • Show All Calendar Events
    Users who have configured the calendar integration will now see all events on their calendar, including events that do not have a Zoom meeting attached.

Zoom Voice

GA Voice Client! (More on this later)